Supershakti Metaliks Ltd formerly known as M/s Super Smelters Ltd: Unit-1 started manufacturing operations in the year 1995. Super Smelter limited was demerged in the year of 2016 to deliver quality steel products that exceed customer expectation and post demerger of Super Smelters Limited, Super Smelters Limited Unit-1 situated at Durgapur was fully vested in Supershakti Metaliks Pvt. Ltd. The name of the Company is changed from “Supershakti Metaliks Pvt. Ltd.” to “Supershakti Metaliks Ltd.” by Special Resolution passed at Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the members of the Company held on 06th April, 2018. The registered office of the Company is situated at 39 Shakespeare Sarani, PREMLATA, 2nd floor, Kolkata-700 017 and manufacturing unit is at Kanjilal Avenue, Opp: DPL Zone, “B” Substation, Durgapur-713 210. Presently the Company is operating a Steel Melting Shop to produce semi finished product  i.e Billet along with Rolling Mill to produce Wire Rods and HB Wires. The company is using Electrotherm equipments for Induction furnace and Armec Engineering machineries for its Block mill. It has repaid all of its project loans as per schedule resulting the company as zero term debt. The Company is managed by a team of professionals which gives comfort to its stake holders.


BILLET: Used in Rolling Mill, infrastructure etc.

WIRE RODS: Used in nails, nuts, electrodes, Wire, Power Industry etc.

HB WIRE: Used in construction, binding, Weld Mesh, welding electrodes,cycle spokes and other uses such as cement pipes, poles, bridges and hand crafts etc.

BINDING WIRE: Used in construction.


This process starts can be divided broadly into the following phases:

Procurement of raw materials

Melting in an induction furnace

Continuous Casting

QC-Chemical testing and matching to industrial standards

Processing in Rolling Mill


Our major raw material for this process comprises of MS scrap, sponge iron and pig iron. All the required raw materials are locally available. In addition to that we import Scrap as per requirement. After purchasing of the required raw materials it is kept in the respective raw materials yard and unloaded with the help of magnet crane after quality and chemical composition checking.


These raw materials are charged in the furnace through charging magnet cranes in the required ratio so that the composition is to be maintained. Time to time bath samples from each heat is taken for confirming the composition. After achieving the required temperature of heat recorded through thermo couple temperature recorder by dipping the tips, furnace is titled at angle & the molten metal is poured in to the Ladle.


Ladle goes to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) where temperature is confirmed and piercing with nitrogen is carried to got the material homogeneous. Then nozzle of ladle is opened through a remote control of hydraulic power pack and metal goes in tundish. Then nozzles of tundish are opened so that metal goes in to the Mould Tube, metal catches the dummy bar and DC oscillator works to level the molten metal. After primary cooling the Billet goes in to secondary cooling zone in apron and reaches to straighten and through roller table it reaches to Cooling Bed to both strands. The required length Billet is cutted with the help of hot gas cutter on roller table while continuous casting. Billet is shifted to the billet yard from cooling bed with the help of crane.


Raw materials for Rolling Mill is billet and these are being produced in our Induction Furnace (SMS). Hot Billets are being transferred through transfer table and conveyor table to rolling mill of RMS.In addition to direct charging, we have back up plan for reheating furnace where Cold billets can also being transferred through transfer table and EOT crane to reheating furnace of RMS.Cold billets are pushed inside reheating furnace with the help of hydraulic pusher. There are three zones in reheating furnace such as a) Ore Heating Zone (b) Heating zone and (c) Socking zone.

There are two systems through which we are feeding billets to roughing mill such as (1) Hot billet directly from CCM and (2) Reheating furnace.There are seventeen rolling stand through which the finished products produced.As per the requirement of finished products we are rolling the billets through different stands.There is block mill of six rolling stand and the final products are made to the required sizes with the help of Toungston Carbide Roll.Finished products are passed through controlled cooling and being passed through laying head.The final finished product is again cooled down and being collected at the coil collector and finally the coil is being sent to stock yard.Product is being tested by quality control department and after cooling is ready to dispatch for the sale.


After processing of DC Continuous materials moved towards Wire Rod Block Mill for producing of wire rod. It has six stands Block and maintained the size as per size standard. After Block Mill material passed through the Thermax to maintain the cooling parameters. It enters Laying Head. On the laying head materials transformed in coil shape and sent to Mandrel by conveyor table. Then through Compactor coil done bundle and sent at Finish Yard for dispatches.





Induction furnace is using steel melting scrap, Sponge Iron & Pig Irons/ Cast Irons. On an average the ratio of these items are 30% Scrap Iron and pig iron + 80% Sponge Iron. The technology of melting these input materials varies according to the availability of raw material and location of the plants and inputs of the sponge iron is consumed is as high as 85% as charge mix on bigger furnaces. All the raw material is available in the open market


Availability of Raw Material and Rate variable are not affected in production as raw material required by rolling mill is M.S.Billets. The requirement of M.S.Billets by rolling is fulfilled by us internally through our existing capacity. Balance billet is available as competitive rate from local open market.


We have inbuilt process to make both Wire Rod as alternative. Both are using Billet as raw material & the requirement of raw material is fulfilled by us internally. In case additional requirement, it is available from near by manufacturers


Wire Rod is used as input materials for making of HB Wire and Binding Wire. The raw material requirement is fulfilled by us internally.